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my first visit...

Monday, August 15, 2016
...to Costco today made me think it's not more than a glorified Sam's Club. I had never been, mostly due to never having been in the vicinity. And like Sam's, you have to be someone really special to be allowed to enter. They have large bouncer-sized people at the doors, checking identification, not letting just any-old-body in.

If you are not privy to the password or secret handshake there will be no admittance. If you cannot hold your tongue just right, hop on one foot while turning in a counterclockwise circle and winking, you are not permitted to pass into the inner sanctum. You have to prove your worthiness for entry.

I made all that up. I have  no idea whatsoever what is required to gain entry at Costco, but I suppose you need to be willing to purchase a annual membership. Thereby gaining access to buying bulk, family-size, commercial quantity packages of paper towels,office supplies and granola. Pretty much the same as Sam's.

After wandering around in the store and seeing absolutely nothing I could not live without, I left. Then began wondering how their prices compare with Sam's. The place I live has no competition from another big 'wholesale' type store, so in reality it really does not matter. But I did wish I had the memory for numbers (big joke - from the chronically math impaired person here) to know what things at Sam's cost just to notice if there is a marked difference at Costco. Pretty much a moot point, as I would not take advantage of the opportunity by driving two hours to save those few cents

Can't say I have never been to Costco now.

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