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the REAL rest of the story...

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
... is what I learned from the attorney in the DA's office when he called last week. Thinking the number he had was a 'home number'. (Pretty funny as Icould not for the life of me tell you what our home/land line number actually is! It only rings when someone wants you to send money or vote, so we never answer it.  I honestly do not know what the number is as I only would use it when my cell phone has run away and I am trying to track it down.)

Anyway  - the guy in the District Attorney's office called looking for the homeowner, and got me instead. I told him I would give him the right number, but I was so curious he would have to tell me what the story was before I would provide the info. he wanted. He said that the man who robbed us had pled guilty and was to be sentenced the next day. I was welcome to appear in court, have an opportunity to speak and give them all a piece of my mind.Good news/bad news: sadly, I was out of town. Fortunately, I was not available, as I probably do not have any 'pieces' to spare.

The story is so unlikely, even after he told me, I could not believe what he said. The guy who kicked in our front door, broke into our house and burgled cash, jewelry and guns was in jail at the time of the home invasion. Huh? What? How is that possible? Yeah, me too! I said all those things, wondering how a man who was incarcerated could be admitting to B and E.

As it turned out, the man was already serving time for some other charge, but was out on a work detail. Going some place every day to provide labor for the city, in a work detail with other inmates, supervised by a prison guard. But this man had an accomplice, and a little side job he was doing on his lunch break. Bustin' down doors and robbing people. Amazing.

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