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the cousin who met us...

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
... when we went  to the UK in July sent her teenager to the US for the summer. There was apparently an 'underground' exchange program established some years ago, as the cousins had children who became sixteen years of age. It sounds like a really neat idea, making me wish I had known about it, and could have been involved. I would have gladly made a donation when there were two teens here, living in a state of hormonal angst.

I think sending them off while knowing there is a good person out there who will be available in a crisis is a great way to stick a toe into the Real World. Someone you know and trust with your dearest, who will allow them to experience life in a different culture, but with a safety net. Providing assurance to the anxious parent. Who knows a dependable, responsible adult is on call for emergencies, and keeping tabs on a wandering youth.

This guy, who has spent the past month in the US is, according to his mom, a whiz at languages.  She said he 'taught himself" Russian, from books, and listening to speakers pronouncing the words on line and recordings. When they wee making plans for his summer, he agreed to spend a week at a French language camp in Decatur. Complete immersion - everyone speaking French all the time. I assume all the staff are students who have mastered the language and willing to help the teens with syntax, grammar, writing and speaking.

After several weeks in GA, the Uncle in Denver met him on a flight from Atlanta. During his stay in Colorado, he attended a camp where they all communicated in Japanese. Amazing. I don't know if he had any basic knowldege of Japanese but this week was also one of complete immersion: no English allowed. I would have been hungry, desperate by the end of the week, with no one feeding me due to not knowing how to ask for anything at all.

He is back in GA for several days before he will return to UK the end of the week. I do want to see him, and today is the only chance, so, yeah, crazy person is making another trip to Decatur...

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