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unexpected benefit...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016
...of donating a couple of hours to volunteering today. Even though it took me two trips to get it done, I brought home three wooden pallets to paint. I have an 'order' for one, and hope to find good homes for the others. As you might well expect: when I get done, they will all be very patriotic.

When I was leaving the library, I noticed the pallets leaning up against the wall in the room where we were processing the hundreds of dictionaries. My eyes lit up, and I thought: 'Hot-diggity dog! I have found a source for more flags, if only they will fit in my car.'  I asked, attempting to sound very off-handedly casual, what plans they had for the pallets. I was told I would have to ask the director of the program, which made me sad, thinking that she already envisioned a garden project: some clever idea to recycle into decorative furniture as I know people are doing some amazing things with reclaimed wood.

She said she had been contemplating getting a crowbar. Which was even more distressing. Just the thought that they were already spoken for when I was so hoping to give them away, after I got them painted with stars and stripes to adopt out to deserving families.

She asked what I would do, and I told her my flag story. She helped  me haul them out the door and load into my car. They would not all fit, so I had to make two trips. Resulting in three pallets propped up against the wall in the carport: as inviting as a blank canvas is to a gifted artist. If you would like one, you have to promise to display in your front yard.

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francinasanders said...

I'm glad you got some. I'd been pondering on where I could acquire then/how to get them to you.

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