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lead astray...

Friday, August 5, 2016
...by my own daughter. It has been an exhausting week. Working too many hours crowded into too few days. I was on the schedule to work four days x five hours each day, but have accumulated nearly forty hours in that time. I actually had my manager go to the computer, and check to be sure I would not get over 40 if I stayed till five o'clock like he wanted me to do. Saying that if I should be 'over', the store manager would blame me,possibly send me home for a week to contemplate my unacceptable behavior. I told him I was completely unwilling to take responsibility for that. It was pretty close, but not too close.

About the middle of the afternoon, I began to think about what sort of reward would be appropriate to celebrate surviving another week of that misery-making job. And decided an  Adult Beverage would be a nice treat to wrap up the week. Something I used to drink years ago, but cannot recall the last opportunity for imbibing. My daughter took me to the Adult Beverage store several months ago, when she was searching for something particular/specific her husband wanted. I went along and remembered about the empty bottle of Southern Comfort on the shelf at my house.

Not completely totally empty, or I would have put it in the recycling bin. But empty enough to need a replacement, since it is not something you can take in for a refill. I guess I was hoping someone with a really big bottle, like a half gallon (or a pickup truck with a 55 gallon drum on the back?) would come along and offer to fill my little half pint?. Or maybe just to rinse it out and get enough  to flavor of alcohol to make one last drink before relegating the bottle to the trash?

So we went to the liquor store a couple of months ago, and I bought myself a little bottle. Not actually glass, but plastic - I guess to put in your hip pocket and not break when you get falling down drunk? And now, after working from 6 a.m. till 5 p.m., I am home, enjoying my Adult Beverage.

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