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just because you don't read about it...

Monday, August 22, 2016
...does not mean that the millipedes are not still wandering around on the tile floor every morning when I get up. There is  not a single morning when I walk into the kitchen I don't get the broom and sweep up at least a half dozen wiggling their way across the floor. I even got out the bug spray and gave a good healthy squirt along the baseboard in the pantry where I thought might be the point of entry. It didn't even slow them down.

The only reason there are not more that land in the dustpan on the way to the trash is that I have to go to work, and do not have time to hang around waiting for them to show their nasty little wiggle-self, scooching across the floor. I see them all along the baseboards in other rooms, dead, crispy, curled up, waiting for the broom. So do some make it past the tile floor into other parts of the house, as I am still convinced they are coming somehow from a crack in the pantry.

I see them heading out of the pantry in every direction, as if they had a master plan. If they had bigger brains I would think they were organized by battalions to scatter and infiltrate to the farthest corners of every room in the house. If I could just figure out where they are getting in, I would definitely be plugging it. A plague and a pestilence. Arrggghhh.....

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