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'the rest of the story'....

Friday, August 12, 2016
....strange experience, part 2: The customer service rep. also said that the reason my card was not replaced/renewed was due to the fact that I had requested my first initial rather than full name appear on the card, along with last name. So I still had to ask: why was I not informed? Not told the card would not be reissued when it expired at the end of 7/16?

She said I could expect to get a replacement she had already ordered in about ten days. Better than nothing, but pretty irritating, to have to wait over a week before using the ATM to access my own money. Thoroughly aggravating, right?

A little aside: yes, I know I could write a check to 'cash', but my checkbook is rarely at hand. At one time it was always in my car. And now I leave it in  my car: Never. After reading an article in the paper months ago, written by someone local who had her vehicle broken into - twice. Following that scary, aggravating, educational experience she vowed to never leave anything of value in her car. I don't recall if she lost purse, wallet, check book, electronics, cell. But whatever she lost, would have been an annoying nuisance to replace. Time consuming as well as frustrating.

The new card finally came. With my full name on it. I was not finished with 'venting'. I went to the bank yesterday and talked with another CSR. She called the company that supplies the cards. Leading me to discover this particular service is contracted out. I should have known, but did not think. If the processing/billing is done by contract, it stands to reason the printing and delivery of the cards would be part of the contract.  The company with the contract decides for us that we cannot use an initial instead of a name. And yes, you do have to have your full first name embossed on the card.

I am still annoyed by this turn of events. And not through complaining.  Even though I am certain  my voice is not loud enough to have an impact, I will continue to press my case.   Arrggghhh....

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