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my flag...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

... had gotten really faded, from being out in the weather, rain, heat, wind, sun. Always hanging on the pole, mounted on the carport. So I went to buy another. Found one at Harbor Freight for less than ten bucks.

The new one is really nice. The fifty white stars are neatly embroidered in tidy rows, and the stripes are all sewn, alternating bright red with sparkling white, rather than just printed on. Distressing to see on the packaging that it was 'Made In China'. 

But it is new, with bright colors, ready to be installed on the pole after I take the faded, frayed one down and give it a respectful retirement. I think the proper method of disposal is to burn it, so there may be a little episode of pyromania here shortly. 

I've talked to several people who have admired my pallet painted like a flag, that has caused me to offer to make more, so anyone who would like one has a big festive patriotic wooden pallet. The qualifier is they have to promise they will display the brightly colored flag in their front yard. Some immediately declined, but a couple agreed, so now I have to scrounge up more discarded pallets to do the painting on.

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