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and then on Saturday...

Sunday, August 21, 2016
... I was a passenger when we went down to the scout camp in north Georgia, a pleasant drive in the morning. There were lots of low hanging clouds, and occasional sprinkles of rain. The camp is pretty high up in a densely forested area, with a fairly good sized lake. It almost felt like we were in a foreign land, above the clouds. There are a couple of places where there were power line cuts and you could look quick, glance out across the ridgelines into space and view the bluish-grey landscape on hills miles away. Beauty full up there along the little two lane highway to no where past the Dead End sign.

Went out the the river  northeast of town to jetski. At a small city park with a boat ramp, where the lake is wide above the TVA dam built back in the 1930's. Shallow in places and a hundred feet deep in others where the water covers long abandoned homes, and what used to be family farms. With thunderstorms blowing through, the water was sort of choppy, a bit rough for very small craft like we were on. And occasional actual rain showers. But other than the prolific weeds growing in the shallows, good fun.

A family birthday dinner in the evening, with various and assorted members observing birth dates that occur during the month of August. Good eats with all the attendees contributing parts of the meal. And most excellent carrot cake for dessert, imported from GA.

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