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eating my tomato plants...

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
...big fat nasty green things. If they were 'desireables', I suppose they would be caterpillars. But since they are consuming my carefully tended plants at a remarkable pace, they are The Enemy. And face certain death, provided I spot them all and can give a good stomp.

I was looking out the window, and said to myself: 'hmmm... something is seriously wrong with those tomato plants!' The ones in the planter that I was expecting to yield a bumper crop of salad-sized grape tomatoes. The same ones I stood on top of the ladder to pound in the stakes to tie the long leggy plants up and keep the mow-and-blow guys from chopping them off. They are probably ten feet tall, tied up to the wooden stakes. But the top half of the vine is completely denuded of leaves.

Upon closer inspection, I saw more of those dang worms happily chomping away on the leaves. So disgusting I would not touch them, and had to come back in the house to get the kitchen tongs to peel them off the plants. Dropped them on the ground to give a vigorous stomp. I think I picked six off, without hesitation smooshing every one. The first two made me think they just sort of deflated under my shoe, then I realized all their insides came out. Yes, is is disgusting, but if they had not been messing with my tomato plants it would not have happened.

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