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a strange experience worth sharing...

Thursday, August 11, 2016
...occurred about a week ago, when I went to the bank I use that is as far away (from my house)and thoroughly inconvenient (for my banking needs) as it could possibly be. I opened an account at this (sort of) local bank some years ago, in order to get a bill debited so I would not have to remember to pay it each month. Even though I had another account at a large international bank with local offices, one of which was right across the street from my workplace.

I don't recall why I got annoyed with the big (very convenient) bank, probably over something insignificant like a checking fee or having to pay to get checks printed.This from the person who grew up in the era of free everything, counter checks, a small town bank that would call my dad to say I was 'overdrawn so please come make a deposit'. But it caused me to close that account. Leaving me with the one at the bank with branches all across southern half of the state, and a home office in little out-of-the-way Fitzgerald, GA.

So I was relatively happy with my account at Colony: no service charges, no fees to get checks printed. Pleasant customer service people who smile and offer assistance when I (rarely) walk in the lobby with a problem. Though I would think 'I need to pack a lunch to get there' being as far away from the house as any bank in town, they never fail to provide good service.

I had a bank card that is a debit/credit card, but I only used it at their ATM, and not often, as the ATM machine is so far away from my house: as I said - clear across town. Mostly visited when I would be planning to travel, and stop to get cash before heading north on the interstate. So.... when I was going to SC recently, I stopped by to withdraw traveling funds, as I do not like to be on the road with out cash.

My card had expired. I only use it to withdraw cash, so it is not often out of my wallet, and rarely looked at. I was surprised to not have received a replacement, as usually occurs before the expiry date printed in raised numbers on the card. I went in the bank to inquire. The service rep., Michelle, said she would be sure to put in my request and I could expect to receive a replacement in ten working days. I gave her the useless card to destroy, dispose of remains.

Got in  my car and left town without the comfort of cash, but did have another bank card I use for daily purchases. About thirty minutes up the road, she called to say the card had actually been cancelled months ago. Back in February, the bank had decided to not replace it when it expired. Without providing that information to the card holder. Needless to say: I was pissed.

Well? What did you do? Then what happened???

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francinasanders said...

Then what happened? Did you indignantly take your business elsewhere?

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