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veeerrrry important safety tip...

Sunday, August 7, 2016
...you need to know about, and take action immediately you forget about doing it. If you have a printer in your house that is also a copier, you can do it right now. So stop that multitasking, scrolling through your favorite blogs as well as checking email and face booking and go to the printer right now.

Take your wallet out, and put all the cards down on the glass to make copies of everything, then turn the cards over and copy the back. You will need the contact numbers on the reverse of the cards if you should loose/misplace anything. God forbid this should happen, but you need to be prepared to have some way to cancel credit cards. So everything needs to be copied, and then you put the copies of all the cards/curriculum vitae where you will hopefully remember where valuable info .is hidden.

Drivers license, bank cards, insurance contact info., family medical history, list of current medications. Any pertinent info. you are carrying around in your wallet that would be difficult replace if stolen or misput.  Be prepared. I like to think of myself as congenitally optimistic, but practical enough to be prepared: with ample 'strike anywhere' matches to be ready for the unexpected.

I admit to a bit of latent paranoia. Partially due to a long history of occasionally living on the edge, generic foolishness, not doing anything particularly illegal, but maybe a bit shady, possibly on the cusp of not one hundred percent above board. Nothing (that I will admit to) more serious than underage alcohol consumption.

Oddly enough, it never crossed my mind to misbehave in my high school years, when my worst infraction was....(story for another day).  But I did an excellent job of making up for lost time upon leaving home, with a blatant disregard for authority. Refusing  to observe the social mores. Establishing a rep. for markedly poor decision making. But at this point, all such old news, it is hardly worth a mention. And about that: if given the opportunity to for a 'do over; I hope I would postpone that behavior for a while, as I now desperately wish for all those brain cells I killed.

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