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quitting every day...

Friday, August 26, 2016
...over and over again, until I get it right. I have been trying for nearly two weeks to quit eating so much sugar. And have to start over again each morning, when the wagon keeps breaking down and I fall off again day after day after day after day, etc....

I don't know why I am having such a  difficult time with this - I did it on Jan. 2 and found it almost do-able. For at least three weeks, when I decided that twenty days or so had proved my point and that was enough of that. So I quit The Quitting, having completely gotten over being self-righteous and totally done with the idea of brimming with good intentions.

But this time, I just could not get it going. Every day, at some point before I was even halfway through the day, I found myself backsliding. With delicious cold chocolate milk a work, or foraging for something sweet in the closet at home where there might be a stash of peanut M & M's squirreled away. I have currently given up for the week, but will start afresh next Monday, trying to wean myself off junk food and refined sugar.

The rules of the game allow all the fresh fruit one can consume, since I spend a good portion of each day at work slicing strawberries or cutting melons into chunks, or shucking fresh pineapples. And of course, customers will ask about the tastiness of the goods, so it is necessary to continually do Quality Control.  And occasional grape, juicy ripe strawberry or bite of nearly-too-ripe pineapple is completely permissible

But anything with added sugar in all it's many sneaky forms is not allowed. Malto-dextrin, sucrose, brown sugar, corn syrup all on the 'don't-do-it' list. So no cold cereal, and no drinks that have either sugar or artificial sweeteners. I got tired of oatmeal with blueberries and pecans after about three days. It's really hard to find something acceptable when you have just gotten out of bed and can't think, but have to be at work in thirty minutes.

I would like to think I will be better prepared on Monday, and will be able to at least get through one day, if not the entire week. And honestly, even if I can just cut back and consume less, that is an improvement over ferreting out junk every day. I am sure it would work much better  if I were not the one trying to hide the Snickers from myself.

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