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Friday, February 3, 2017
...is what I have today. I found a position for going to substitute teach in a kindergarten classroom, but it is only for a half day. It would be nice to believe I will get 'credit' for a whole day, but expect it will only add up to 4 1/2 towards the minimum of ten. Not so much a concern that the pay for the effort will amount to less that what is granted for eight hours in the classroom. I'd almost rather not get the funds, and be granted an acknowledgement it is a full day of work, inching closer to the goal.

I don't have to be there until noon, which is unusual. Most of the half day positions will have the replacement on the job early in the day, and leaving at twelve o'clock. But this one is twelve to three. With only three hours of being on the premises, no hope of it qualifying as an entire day towards ten. Hopefully I will find something I can tolerate on Monday, inching closer to getting this monkey off my back.

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