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you might recall...

Sunday, February 19, 2017
...my plan to deliberately find people who would want to have lunch, with the requirement that they be folks who make me laugh. We are nearing the end of the seventh week of 2017, and I have a perfect score. Just to prove how well I am doing, I will now share the joke I heard when my friend Kelly met me for lunch on Wednesday. She said it came from her eye doctor.

A little old geezer took his fishing pole and went down to the creek. He was sitting on the bank waiting for a bite, when he heard something rustling in the undergrowth. When he looked around  a frog hopped out of the bushes, and sat beside him. The frog said: "I am really a beautiful princess under an evil spell. If you will kiss me I will turn back into a human, and will love you devotedly for the rest of my life." The man replied: "I am going to put you in my pocket just like you are, as I would much rather have a talking frog than a young woman in my life."

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