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one of the things...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
... I am thankful on a daily basis: good health. Arms and legs that (mostly) operate like I want them to, though that trick knee will always be problematic. And eventually get worse according to the orthopedic guy. But overall, I consider myself in good shape. Until this stuff in my head wore me down and forced me to seek medical advice.

After several days of misery, I took myself for the first time ever to a Doc-in-a-Box on Sunday. My amateur diagnosis was a sinus infection, that my amateur OTC medications could not cure. I do not hesitate to consult the experts when needed, and was ready for some serious drugs and resolution. I took my magazines, my insurance cards, and went to wait out the process.

I listed my symptoms, and he looked in my ears and down my throat, thumped me all over my face.
Gave me a script which I immediately took to wallyworld. I'll be taking antibiotic caps. for a week, then miraculously cured. I may be better already, as my face does not ache like it did 24 hours ago.
One of the things the dr. told me to do was to quit taking the stuff the pharmacist sold me on Friday morning. Which possibly explains why taking it for three days had not produced any improvement.

Started writing this on Monday, and it is now Tuesday afternoon. I might be getting better, but still feeling a bit like the response you get when you question the Magic Eight Ball: Ask again later.

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