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literacy tutoring...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
...with the four year olds. One of which was not even remotely interested when I went to get him out of the classroom to read today. He simply said he did not want to read, or write or color, and wanted to go back to the classroom. You cannot Make Them, so I took him back.

The other one was really interested in the book. About animals and what they might really mean when they make their animal sounds. You know: moo, baa, hissss, quack. A cute and amusing book, with lots of repetition, to help the readers learn sounds, as well as identifying different animals and associating the word of the sound with that illustration. Asking us to imagine what that animal really meant when it said 'cluck' or 'neigh'.

I think this was the third week of a series of volunteers going to the school, retrieving a child from a pre-K classroom and reading a book to each little person. There is always a work sheet of some sort for them to color, draw a picture related to the material in the book, to reinforce what they have learned. Today, that little guy just was not interested. Maybe he thought they were doing something that was more fun in the classroom? If so, he did not miss much, because our session was pretty short.

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