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can't really say....

Saturday, February 11, 2017
..what was expected, but it was not what I thought would happen. I put my name in the pot to attend a dinner at church last night. It was designed to be a women only event. Apparently the planners thought a free meal would be enticing enough to bring in a crowd. I guess maybe there were a hundred people there, but do not know how many of those were organizers and how many were just curious. I went thinking I would be fed and entertained, so you can count me among the curious.

It was designed to help people who are not connected meet members, and hear about opportunities to volunteer with various ministries within the body. I am about as involved as I care to be, with the little under-the-radar jobs I do when it fits into my schedule. I've been the person who goes to Sam's Club once a week to shop. Purchasing coffee makings, or office supplies, or cleaning goods for the janitorial workers.

Along with the occasional random buy of something that catches my eye: like the biggest container of Tide laundry detergent I have ever seen, to take to TN. Or the strongest smelling dryer sheets on the planet, with enough in the package to dry your laundry 365 days a year. Or maybe a case of those little over-priced bottles of sugar-fied iced coffee from Starbucks.

Plus I am the person responsible for the basket of dirty kitchen towels mysteriously getting washed, dried, folded and back to the kitchen to be reused. They got so ratty recently, I bought more at Sam's and started throwing away the ones that were hole-y or so stained from floor mopping, coffee spills all the bleach in the world would not help.

And those pots I replanted this week: the friend with the pick up truck came and got them today. To put them out in that little patio area on the east side of the building. Where they will bloom, and look bright and cheerful to passers-by as they enter the door into the offices.

Sorry, that's about as committed as I care to get with church work. If anyone has the gumption to ask me which committee I would like to be on I have no qualms about saying: my own. I do feel like I have put in plenty of time supporting various ministries of the church, teaching SS for years, cooking meals for years, doing landscape work, women's and youth programs.  The committee of me!

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