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the day before the day before...

Monday, February 13, 2017
... the chaos of retail Valentine's Day in the floral industry. I went in to work at 7:00 am, and was supposed to be there until 6:00, which seems excessive to me, so I left at 5:00. I failed to eat lunch,  was tired, cranky, bummed out and right before having a bad attitude by the time I finally got home. While I was thinking about what I might eat, I accidentally ate the biggest half of a chocolate bar I had hidden from myself before Christmas. Back when I knew I would be cutting sugar out of my life in January.

I was remarkably conscientious about the sugar business, really did a good job of sticking to my plan. Having practically nothing with sugar added for an entire month. Reading labels to keep stuff like dextrose, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup out of my mouth. Admittedly I felt like a seriously deprived person for a couple of weeks early on, but it got easier as the month progressed. Sadly, not having lunch and being on  my feets all day caused me to be hungry to the point of grabbing the first thing I saw and stuff it in my mouth.... hmmm... who would have thought it would be chocolate??

A friend gave me some expensive, obscure bars of the evil stuff that she claimed were so exotic they were not to be had any place closer than the big metropolis of Atlanta, and therefore I should be very parsimonious with them. Carefully husband, eat in wee bites, savor while slowly chewing and saying: mmmmmmmmm. I did not ask if having your eyes roll back in your head was necessary. I did eat a couple of squares before I tucked them away in the auxilllary fridge in hopes of forgetting they existed. Which I did pretty well until very recently.

One was flavored with potato chips,  and another had the essence of honey. I have not hastily gobbled the other, so do not know what the third I was intended to savor has to make it wonderful. I will try to forget about that one, so it will be a surprise for later. I will also try to resist the temptation to buy the big bags of candy that will be marked down to half price after Valentine's Day is over.

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