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he did it again...

Friday, February 3, 2017
...making me think the (now adult) children are not the only ones who are convinced you can walk in the back yard and pick more fresh off the tree. If your funds run low, just go get more at the ATM, right? Out of money? Step out the door and harvest another crop.

I am beginning to think that they might have absorbed that 'let's just go pick more' lesson from the Man Who Lives Here. He is such a consummate worry-wart there is no need to ask if he has concerns about finances - he never runs out of something to fret about. Personally, I confess to being a little towards the 'Pollyanna' end of the scale (or maybe 'Scarlett' would be more apropos) but there is no doubt the Man Who Lives Here can dream up new things to add to his list of fret-worthy items.

He knew before the end of the year he was in need of a set of tires for his over-large gas-hog vehicle. Had mentioned he would be in the market for tires, plus brakes, as the light on the dash was often coming on to alert about a problem with braking system. We had lots of rain early in the year, so I asked: have you made a tire purchase? He confessed to dragging his feet on the matter. I suggested he should do some pricing, what the younger generation calls 'research' (though they do it on the Internet, and us geezers tend to drive all over town for comparisons.)

I was insistent he should talk to the man at the tire store where I get oil changes and the like. He agreed and did, got an estimate, but then went to the store owned by a man he likes to think of as 'good friend', and asked if they would match that remarkably good price. They agreed, and he bought his tires at the price my tire guy offered. Instead of buying from my tire guy, who obviously really wanted his business. If he had not had that price for comparison, I expect he would have paid several hundred dollars more.

So, now he decided to get the brake work done. And went to the dealership to have computer diagnostics/evaluation. He reported they said it would take five hundred dollars to get the problem resolved, and ordered a replacement part. When I heard this story I said: you should price it around, now that you know what the problem is. He replied: 'no, I've already paid for the part'. I suggested that 'yes he could' if he would get what he had purchased and take it someplace else to have it installed, thus avoiding a $60 an hour labor fee.

But what do I know? Apparently, nothing. It's done. He admitted back in the fall when he started talking about needing to invest funds in his vehicle the money was in hand, he just did not want to spend it. Then said he was thinking about buying another van, instead of spending a little on the one that is already paid for. What do I know? Apparently, a minuscule amount, as he is still driving he vehicle that is paid for, instead of trading like he planned....

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