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Monday, February 6, 2017
...in thinking today would be an opportunity to find another sub. teaching job to add to the sadly miniscule number accomplished since mid-January. I had expected that I would be scrounging around to find a bit of work today that would get me to the half-way point towards the total needed of ten for the semester. And nearly committed myself to a position as a replacement for a kindergarten teacher when perusing the listings on Saturday night.

But something made me hesitate to follow through. When undecided, the best policy is: don't. It might have something to do with age and caution, but my thought is there will be fewer regrets if you listen to that small voice in your head that says: don't. Plus I had to work on Sunday, and put in a long day on that hard floor, so came home too tired to think.  So I did  not make any effort to see what sort of options there were to pick up a teaching job for today.

Because I need to educate myself on the Enviroscape to be able to demonstrate in a manner that will inform four classes of  nine-year-olds. Teach them about the water cycle and how they can impact and preserve the purity of the water we drink. This large three dimensional landscape in a box has been sitting in the carport for a couple of weeks, waiting for me to find the time to devote to learning how it works.

I have looked at a Youtube or two, and understand the concept. But need to review and get the specifics down, now that I am up against the wall with a looming deadline. So I will 'practice' today, have a dress rehearsal. I agreed to go to the school on Tuesday morning and have a little show and tell with third graders.

That's my project for today. Along with some routine house work: laundry, floors, etc.

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