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two giant pots....

Thursday, February 9, 2017

...that I put some growing stuff in to return to the church. There is a little area adjacent to a side door, where there are a couple of metal tables with chairs for outdoor sitting in pleasant weather. It is on the east side of the building, so unless it is blistering hot, it is shady in the afternoons. Making the area a nice place to sit and visit, share a glass of tea or cup of coffee in the late afternoon.

I had friend with a truck pick the pots up and bring them to my house several weeks ago. The rosemary bushes, one of the hardiest, toughest, most resilient things I know - died last summer. Probably due to extreme drought, since there was no one taking responsibility for doing the mimimal care necessary.  If a super durable rosemary plant could not survive the heat and lack of moisture last summer, its a wonder any of us did!

The pots were pitiful, with dead rosemary, sans leaves sitting there in the corner of the little patio area. I decided to take matters into  my own hands. With a little research, decided to look for a shrub that I think might do well in the planters that are about 24 inches across and maybe two feet in depth. I went to a local nursery to ask about the shrubs, and surprised to find them available, for a reasonable price. So I have two Virginia sweet spire planted in the two containers.

I wanted something that would be upright, so I could put other things in the pots around the edge. Thinking that I would periodically add some seasonal color with a variety of annuals as the weather changes. I found some dianthus, with several plants in each pot, and have divided them up to tuck a few in around each of the sweet spire plants. As well as some bulb plants, donated by a friend who dug them up from her yard. I hope they are daffodils and will bloom in the next couple of weeks.

Called my friend with the truck to say they are ready to go back when he wants to come and load them up. They have been sitting on the driveway (it's a wonder I have not hit them yet!), so got a good watering when it rained recently. I am hopeful to remember to keep them watered and swap out seasonal bloomers over the months so there will always be some colorful blooms in the containers.

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