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today equals five...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
...if we do not count that half day I went into a Kindergarten classroom a couple of weeks ago. Looking back, I cannot say why I even took that 1/2 day position, as it does not help me get closer towards the magic number. Mayhaps another of that sort will come along so I can add the two halves together?

The day spent in pre-K gets me over the hump and on the downhill slide towards the goal of ten days of sub. teaching before mid-May when the semester ends. I was a para.pro in a room with about twenty little people. The teacher seemed be well organized, and more than capable, but with that many students, it will always be challenging to get through the day. And as usual, it is easy after just a couple of hours, to pick out the two or three that are going to be consistently high-maintenance.

We had a lot of much needed rain late in the afternoon. Thankfully it held off until after the allotted time for the class to get out on the playground and run off some steam.  It was a pretty good day. Even though I am still struggling with this gunk in my head, and more than once during the day, wanted to just take nap, close my eyes, turn off my brain for ten minutes. When I did get home, I made a bee-line for the couch.....

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