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well worth a trip...

Monday, October 31, 2016
... to drive up to Decatur on Saturday afternoon. I knew that neat exhibit of amazingly huge blown glass was on display at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens all summer. And would be such a treat to see, especially when I heard from my reliable source that we could go at night, when the gardens were mostly dark.  With all the huge glass installations lit up and glowing out there under the trees in the acres of gardens tucked away in the heart of metro. Atlanta.

I thought to myself a couple of weeks ago: I should take this display 'off the back burner', and make it a priority so it does not get away before I have an opportunity to enjoy it. I know there is a limited time before all those gigantic pieces of brilliantly colored  glass will be dis-assembled and carefully wrapped in miles of bubble wrap. Diligently replaced in shipping crates to be sent on to the next destination. Actually: today is the final day.

I went last Saturday night, after a very busy day. Worked five hours, painted sweaty little cheeks with holiday designs for two hours at fall festival, then jumped in my car to drive for two hours to get to Decatur. We had tickets to go at night. It was crowded, which I found surprising .Hundreds of visitors milling around in the dark along the elevated walking trail, dozens of people slowly meandering through the dimly lit gardens, gawking at dozens of monstrous glass fixtures. But I guess factoring in that this is the last weekend of the glorious installation + about eight million residents of the metro. area, you could also say there weren't really all that many people present.

I've seen lots of pieces that originate in the Chiluly workshop in Seattle, but it never ceases to amaze. The size of the pieces is always astounding. The brilliant colors are always breath taking. The massed pieces when assembled together in a grouping: in a wooden boat, in a shady dell, startlingly erupting from a lush bed of woodland ferns. Appearing to glow when back lit by artfully placed spot lights hidden in the undergrowth at night.

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