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reporting on the auntie...

Friday, October 21, 2016
...from the most recent trip to visit where she is still 'held captive' in the rehab facility in south GA. She is understandably antsy about wanting to get out, feeling there is no point in her being held against her will. Sadly, there is also no 'reasoning' with someone who has short -term memory loss, meaning that every thing you say literally goes in one ear and out the other.

She seems to be improving mobility-wise. But when I saw her this week, she had been recently diagnosed with another UTI, which explained on-going crazy talk. She was insisting that she had dresses up in the attic. Even though one of the health-care workers told her there was no 'upstairs', she was certain she had been up there, and there were some of her belongings we needed to retrieve. In talking to a staffer and hearing she had started on another round of antibiotics, I was almost relieved by the recent diagnosis- which explained why she was on such a bizarre rant about something that did not exist.

There is a follow up appt. with Orthopedic Dr. next week, so I know she is expecting she will be released from future care (until the next crisis!) Which also means she will also be certain that she is ready to return home. Sadly: not without Adult Supervision, even though she will be vehemently opposed.

I expect there will come a time in the aging process when most, if not all, of us will decline to the point that we need assistance and possibly people to make decisions in our stead. I hope I will be more agreeable, co-operative and willing to be coerced when it is my turn. I've already told my family: just put me someplace they keep me clean and fed.

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