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a small observance...

Thursday, October 27, 2016
..of one of many definitions of a charmed life. You have probably read here that I have a little book, about the size of a 3 x5 note card that I use for Thankfulness reminders. Try to write a line or two as I think of things I am thankful for. I have given away a several of these small, handy, pocket-sized, bound books to people I think deserve one. Folks that appear in my life who seem to understand that every day, every sunshine, every breath is a blessing. All those mundane random happenings we just accept as part of our existence are not to be taken for granted, but noticed, appreciated and should be recognized, noted in writing on a daily basis.

One of the things I recently wrote in  my book: pumpkin spice cappuccino. Available at the curb store for a limited time. It is such a small thing. In the overall scheme of things hardly worth mention. But here I am - appreciating my little cup of pumpkin spice, tasty, over sugared, high-fat, delicious drink. So good it should be a controlled substance, and require an ID to purchase.

Thankful that I can stop at the convenience store and walk out the door with my little cup of warming hot beverage, riding down the road in the dark. Or traveling across south GA in the early morning sunlight, enjoying the scenery. In my 'paid for' vehicle, with the financial resources to travel, and purchase gas. Without need of passport/papers to gain access/permission to go where I want.

So here we are: living in America, under the beneficence of the US Constitution. Thankful for all that.  While hearing about refugees stumbling across a war-torn country, hoping to get family out of harm's way to safety, shelter, food. Where, if they are lucky: stranded in a tent-city full of homeless hungry, exhausted migrants. Certainly makes one give thanks for housing, potable water, grocery stores filled with bounty, employment.

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