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about the auntie...

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
...who has a follow up appt.with the orthopedic Dr. Wednesday afternoon. I will get up early in the morning and drive down to get her, to be in Valdosta at the clinic at 1:15 for her appointment. I am seriously anxious about taking her, really worried that she will get belligerent with me when the dr. tells her that her fractured bones have healed enough for her to be allowed to go home Because the which the cousins all agree is not going to happen.

Even if she is physically able, relatively healthy, capable enough to spontaneously motivate herself up and around, she is not mentally able to return to her house and live alone. The anxious part is that it will be Me telling her that. She can be really disagreeable when you tell her something she does not want to here. If there is anything good about short term memory loss, it might be that she won't remember to be furious with me for very long.

I'm not one for confrontations, and never want to be 'the bad guy' bringing unwelcome or unwanted news.Therefore, understandably, I am getting really worried about how she will react when she has to go back to the rehab. facility where she has been getting fed, cared for, tended to, given meds. as she has recovered from that fall in late August.  Wishing she would grasp the meaning of 'don't shoot the messenger' when I am the one doing the transport.

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