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another driving opportunity...

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
...similar to some in the past. When I take an assignment to pick up a person who needs to get to an appointment at the local cancer center. Usually for treatment, or possibly just some lab/blood work. But almost always to the building where most cancer care in our area occurs, associated with the local medical center. A couple of times the appointment has been for getting someone to a doctor's office, but those are pretty rare.

The job for tomorrow is to pick up a man who needs to be at the treatment center at 9:00 am. And will be there for four hours. I usually take a book, sit in the lobby/waiting area, and read while waiting for them to get finished, with most being there for less than an hour. But I will go in the morning and pick him, and wife up to deliver at nine a.m. And run some errands, kill time until they are finished and need a ride back home at 1:00. Probably go to Sam's club to do the weekly shopping for church staff  during the four hours between delivery and pick up.

I am assuming he will be sitting in one of their lounge chairs, with a needle in his arm, being infused with some dread, toxic chemicals designed to combat the spreading disease. I am more than willing to help in this small way, to make their lives only incrementally easier as they do not have the worry of transportation amongst all their other problems. I will (we should all) be very thankful as I am, every day, for good health.

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