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even more distressing...

Saturday, October 15, 2016
... was getting up on Friday morning, trying to get organized, loading up stuff in my car to leave home. Heading out before first light towards Decatur, in the pointless endeavor of trying to arrive in Metropolis before the traffic gets bad when four million vehicles hit the road. I'll always attempt to outfox them, hoping I can sneak in while they are showering and breakfasting, putting on their armor, readying to battle snarling traffic.

As I was putting things I would need for the weekend in my faithful little Toyo., I heard that unique sound of the phone on vibrate. I was delighted, to know it had not been abandoned in south GA, far out of reach. Thinking and  hoping it had slipped, unnoticed, down into the narrow nether world, between the back of the back seat, and the cushion part. It was too dark to look, and I was anxious to get on the road to get the stressful part of city driving over.  Comforted with the knowledge it was along for the ride.  Assured that the phone was actually traveling with me, even if not in hand.

I arrived at my destination, still waiting full daylight, when I could disassemble the  back seat and retrieve the sneaky hidden device. But when I began the search, it did  not appear. Apparently still unwilling to give up the secret hiding place, like that tiny turtle that got loose in the house when I was a kid and has yet to reappear. After a thorough search, actually taking all the bags full of miscellany out and diligently emptying and examining each one, that dang-nab-it phone was no where in sight. Still eluding capture. I absolutely know I heard that unique little noise it makes when the alarm vibrates. But didn't find the slippery little sneak.

I know you are thinking: 'why not just get someone to call it, and stand waiting for it to ring, leading you to the hiding place?' Good idea, except the guy who loves to man-handle problems had the missing device disabled when he went to get another activated, determined I should have a means of communication. He would not have slept a wink, due to fretting about the missing phone. So he gave me one I could not use, did  not have the skills to operate, but it satisfied his need for me to have one.

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