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sporadically, inconsistently...

Monday, October 3, 2016
... intermittently providing a pair of hands with free labor to help with work in the local botanical garden. I have been volunteering there for years, in a haphazard sort of way. Not one of the faithful few who make the plans, laying groundwork for various annual events and motivating us worker-bees to jump in for manhandling projects as needed. Like lots of non-profits, it would cease to be successful without the many hours of volunteer efforts, both brainpower and manually.

I have been a couple of times to participate in the 'first Monday' work days: just show up and be prepared to do whatever needs doing. A pair of gloves, clippers, clothing that will tolerate dirt, and a fairly willing body for providing the gardens with several hours of upkeep in the area that most needs attention. My expertise lies in highly skilled weeding. I've long felt that pulling weeds is some of the best 'therapy' you can get for such a bargain price. The satisfaction of knowing that particular weed will not make seeds and multiply prolifically in the next growing season. Plus the gratification of a much cleaner, tidier space, and the opportunity to be productive with your hands in an environment of beauty: outdoors in fresh air, sunshine, the glory of nature.

I will gather up my tools, gloves, clippers, grubby working-in-the-yard shoes on, head out to the botanical gardens and give them a couple of hours of my time. Perfect weather for puttering around in a beautiful space with blooms, pollinators, fellow diggers and bright sunshine on a crisp cool morning. The gardens will benefit from our collective donated time, and we will all get excellent 'therapy' for no extra charge!

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