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not getting there...

Sunday, October 2, 2016
...on Sunday morning. Even when I have to go to work on Sunday at 6 a.m., I can usually get to church. Taking an early lunch break to run to the 9:00 service and get back to the job by 10:30'ish. But it did not happen today. There was just too much to try to get done, and not nearly enough time to accomplish everything. When I realized there was no way I could let go at nine, I consoled myself with the idea that I could go to the eleven o'clock service, which I never attend.

And sadly today was not the exception. I just did not get there at all. So had to console myself with the next thought that I could get to lifeschool class at 5:30, which I did, but not nearly as satisfying as all that uplifting praise music. Plus an opportunity to be spoon fed a thought-y, meaningful, meaty message that would provide the nourishment to get me through the week.

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