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drivin' into the storm....

Friday, October 7, 2016
...if you are paying attention to the weather, you will wonder: "What in the world was she thinking? Driving to South Carolina knowing there was a category four hurricane bearing down on the state?" Give me little credit please! You know I am math impaired, but can at least discern between fours and fives! Not really so much that, actually, as the fact that I was going to what the citizens who live there refer to as 'upstate' (plenty far away from the coast and a ten foot high storm surge), rather than a complete loss of judgement/sanity that would have me traveling to the beach.

I went to Greenville - about two hours northeast of Atlanta - to visit my pen-pal, after a calendar snafu caused me to change plans when I thought I was going in late Sept. He called to confess a problem with the date we had agreed upon, very mysteriously saying he had a conflict. I was so curious, really intrigued attempting to decipher why a 93 year old man would have some social engagement that would precipitate a change in our plans for me to come, drive four hours from home, to visit. But sadly, I forgot to ask. Or maybe just too polite to inquire? I am still wondering.....

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