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back into the woods...

Saturday, October 22, 2016
.... early this morning, before daylight. After sleeping hard, though not fast enough, I am up and headed off for another day of 'retreating'. This will be a long day, as one of the planned events takes place after dark. Meaning I won't be back home to fall into bed until we have cleaned up and begun organizing for the final day on Sunday.

When I went to the library yesterday afternoon, I discovered a book sale going on. Good news for someone in dire need of reading material. I will likely sneak off to the library a couple of miles down the road, to find something to read. Yesterday, I bought a number of children's books, and plan to get them in the mail next week, to some little people who will enjoy getting a surprise - that will hopefully encourage parents to read and children to learn to love books, the written word, learning to be interested, interesting, knowledgeable adults.

The Informed Citizen is the Cornerstone of Democracy.

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