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really distressing tale...

Saturday, October 15, 2016
... of the lost cell phone. Part of what is so distressing is the admission that I never wanted one to start with, and find myself so befuddled, annoyed, feeling 'vaguely un-moored by the fact that now I cannot find it.  Mostly because of all the contacts I don't have when I cannot scroll through the numbers saved therein. In truth, back all those many years ago, when the first cellular phones came along it was a big unwieldy accessory the size of  a 'carry-on' bag, so ungainly it was like lifting weights to keep up with the dang thing. Plus I was so opposed to the idea of someone else thinking that me being connected was 'necessary', unwilling to accept that basic premise of always being in touch.

Now, I am thoroughly irritated over having no idea where the phone could be, mostly due to having to admit 'I don't know'. Expecting the response to my confessing would be: "Where did you leave it?"  IF I knew where I last had it, and could go back to get it, IT wouldn't be lost, now would it? Murphy's Law: You find that missing object in the last place you look (because when you find it - you cease looking, right?)

I'd been to south GA, so it could conceivably be anywhere along that trail of dust I left from my flying low trip to Valdosta and back. But I contacted people down south, who willingly assumed the task, looked in all the likely place, but reported 'no luck'. And therefore baffled, at a loss to figure out where the magic,vanishing phone could be hiding, giggling, muffling guffaws, waiting for me to poke about in the right cranny.

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