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ready to confess...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
... that I toot my horn when I am driving down the road at lots of inappropriate times. Like the little kids running around in circles in the yard, who would have thought that someone they know is passing by, causing them to stop their game and wave furiously at a total stranger. Or the guys working for the DOT contractors, flagging traffic. Who wonder: 'who in the world is that?'

Then there was the young guy, in shorts and T-shirt, leaning over the edge of the bridge looking into the creek. When I got even with him, I gave a couple of quick toots -hoping he would be so startled he would loose his balance and fall over the railing and go head-first into the water. Sadly, he only jerked up, looking to see who was driving the passing vehicle. Definitely no one he knows.

I was really disappointed when he did not go crashing over the railing. Hoping to be a witness to a splash-down disaster - but it did not happen. I'll keep trying, and hope to create a crisis in the near future.

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