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Saturday, October 15, 2016

..in Decatur today. Lots of activity going on here for the wedding that will happen in the back yard this afternoon. Hoping for nice weather. All manner of paper lanterns, butterflies linked together with string, those little tissue paper fans that come shipped flat and open into brightly colored honey-comb decorations. Wildly colored paper stars, cleverly made from paper lunch bags glued together, and dozens of the flowers made from layers of tissue wired together and fluffed up. Starting to look like a festival around here!

Strings of the brightly colored, carefully cut paper flags, about the size of a restaurant place mat, you see at Latino celebrations, tied together and hanging from door frames, draping across the yard like patriotic banners, called papel picado. All wired or tied to every tree limb, fence post, stationary object in the area. Family pets will also be wearing party attire: dog in a suit and tie, cat dressed to the nines.

There is a nifty little metal archway, thoroughly decorated, with many garlands of little silk flowers, plus the honeycomb tissue fans. They will stand under the arch in all their best festive finery, with a dear friend to preside.  Loved ones have been recruited to read sweet poems of promise and commitment. Dozens of family and friends will all nod in agreement, smile, witness, congratulate and offer support as the happy couple step out into the future together.

Then we will eat, socialize, enjoy meeting others who have come to celebrate.  Under two big white tents set up in the yard, also profusely decorated with brilliantly colored paper stars, butterflies, lanterns, twinkling colored lights. I do love to be useful: my job is to fill mason jars with greenery and cut flowers we bought yesterday. Decorating the tables we will sit around to toast the newlyweds, while meeting all the others who join us in the celebrating.

Interesting to think that everyone who will show up has befriended, worked with, taught, shared life with these two who want to make public their  commitment today. How all the varied people who come together at this place, are in some way within the orbit of these two central characters, like a Venn diagram demonstrates relationships - how we are all connected. A wide swath of disparate individuals, all arriving with affection and words of affirmation to shower on these two sweet caring, capable, compassionate folk we join on this happy day.

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