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and the other things...

Sunday, October 9, 2016
...I have eaten since leaving home is a 'real' breakfast: twice. after driving to Greenville, my pen pal had his cap and jacket on, ready to take us to eat at a little cafe where they know his name. He apparently does not cook anything besides coffee, so always ready to go someplace they will bring him a plate of eggs and grits and crispy bacon, still warm toast. Which he ordered, and enjoyed down to the last crumb.

I requested grits and eggs and a biscuit. The biscuit was huge, what you might have heard called a 'cat head', referring to size rather than actual facial features. Sadly, had been sitting around in the kitchen for hours, so not particularly fresh or warm. But it was all quite a novelty for me, as I generally have a bowl of cold cereal, or maybe oatmeal (if I eat anything at all) before leaving home.

And  now I have had grits, eggs and toast again. Today. A huge record - two in a row. The grits, which I highly recommend (now that there is not even a scrap to share) are made with milk instead of water. Making a bowl full remarkably creamy, tasty, desirable, and your taste buds really happy.

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