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book report: "Crisis of Character"...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
...by Gary Byrne. All this stuff going on in the news about the two options for President of The United States makes me queasy. I just heard something on public radio recently about a third person who will be on the ballot, and don't even remember his name. But I will vote for this guy, who is... I don't know? An Independent? A Libertarian? A drug smuggler? A gun runner? A pot head? Not sure, but I do know what he is not.

I won't vote for Him, and I can't vote for Her. That does not leave many options. I am thinking I will go on down to the government center and vote early/absentee to get it done so I won't have to think about it any more. This mess we are in, what we have to look forward to, no matter which one gets in the Oval Office makes me ill.

Byrne was with the Secret Service when Bill Clinton was President. He was what is referred to as UD, meaning in uniform, rather than one of the guys in suits and dark glasses. After he left the White House, he ended up as a Federal Air Marshal before he retired from public service. I want to believe Bryne is sincere, a man of high standards, and wrote the book to reveal what he knows about the Clintons.

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