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cookin' at work... (potato salad salad)....

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
...whereupon you are probably thinking: ha! I caught a typo! But no, that is really precisely what it was. A very unusual combination of foods, something I never, never would have considered putting together, but it seemed to work pretty well, and after people tried it, got some good reviews/feedback.

They would look at it, blink, look again, and say: What is this? and when I told them it was salad with steak on top, they still looked baffled. Due to the fact that it was a green salad with potato in it. Yes, I know, it does sound strange. But just like putting enough catsup on greens to be able to choke one forkful down, if you put enough salad dressing on most anything you might able to swallow it.

The recipe called for a bag of refrigerated cubed potatoes, that were cooked in the microwave for six or seven minutes. Then mixed with ranch peppercorn salad dressing and bacon bits. When it cooled added to a bag of butter head salad. Not bad, but also not something I would make and expect the guy (who claims to have never had any bad food) here to eat. Though I am sure he would give it a try and be a good sport, just a little too unusual to serve at my dinner table.

I won't even bother with the recipe for the steak that was sliced and served atop the salad. Passersby said it was good and tender, though I did not taste it: it was really pretty and tempting when I took it out of the skillet. I'd been checking the temp. with a little probe to be sure it got up to 145. So I know it was properly cooked.  And let it 'rest' on the cutting board before cutting into it. But then I sliced  it, and though was the proper color/temp for medium rare, I would not eat.

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