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motoring to Cartersville...

Sunday, February 28, 2016
...today to meet for lunch. P. came down from Chattanooga, and we drove up from Decatur. I am convinced there is a good local Mexican restaurant to be found in any town in north America, if you will just take the time to look. And since that only requires a quick Googling any more, it's done before everyone can get their seat belts buckled.

We had the standard fare at the generic Los Amigos, and roamed the streets of Cartersville for a bit. Poking around in the local outdoor outfitter, located in a storefront on Main Street. The little town seems to be thriving, with lots of local eateries and a wide variety of stores in the downtown area that seem to be independent, local merchants.(Most of which have the good sense to close on Sundays, as well they should.) I did not leave any of my money there, other than buying our lunch.

Had our photo tooken in front of the First Ever 'Drink Coca Cola' sign painted on the side of a building any place in the world, according to the little plaque placed on the brick wall, where there was a fresh, red and white, bright, shiny reproduction of the original sign.

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