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there may have been...

Monday, March 21, 2016
...an inadvertent bit of accidental prevarication involved in the report on going to Pendergrass  up in northeast Georgia several weeks ago.  In the part where I claimed to have left the facility with my wallet intact. I kinda', sorta', maybe neglected to tell the part about buying blueberry bushes while we were at the 'World's Largest Indoor Flea Market.

I'd been wanting to get a few to have my own private crop of blueberries to enjoy, mosey out into the yard and pop them in my mouth in a deliciously leisurely manner. But had failed to begin (and therefore complete) the research to be prepared with information before purchasing. Not willing to invest in plants that would be unsatisfactory. I'd read enough to know you need to plant more than one variety but not sure why?

And honestly, I am still not certain. I had been thinking all this time it had something to do with 'the birds and the bees', pollination, necessity for one variety to mix it's reproductive juices with another? But now I am thinking it is to have a longer season. So there will be ones that will bloom sooner in the spring and make berries sooner. And another variety that would produce mid-season, and then a different type for still making fat juicy berries even later in the summer, when you'd other be getting into your stash in the freezer.

So when we took ourselves to plunder through (what I had assumed to be a vast parking lot assortment of) Trash and Treasures I conveniently was accompanied by a smart phone operator. Who conveniently googled up the info. I needed to decide which to buy. And even better: a good price. Yay!

I bought three, and brought them home. One of which was covered with blooms, so this was obviously the one that will produce the first berries of the season. Even more impressive, is the fact that they are: ta-da! in the ground. Thanks to the guy who came for the weekend and likes to be useful. In the best ways, as in getting up on the roof and blowing the accumulated leaves out of the valleys, trimming overhanging branches, puttering around fixing anything that needs a little bit of tinkering. Double Yay! Yay!

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