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the wee-est bit of housecleaning...

Friday, March 18, 2016
where I sporadically, guilt-ily, sweep up small corpses from the living room floor. I have neglected doing it since the last time the traveling canine was visiting: the one that mysteriously shoots out fur like some sort of Rube Goldberg contraption, and leaves so much hair in her wake, we could produce a duplicate if we were knitters. So I found various and sundry dust bunnies under the furniture and in the corners.

And dozens and dozens of tiny little ant bodies no bigger than the dot at the end of this sentence. So light and weightless, it was almost like sweeping feathers. More residue I assume from the invasion early in the year when we had to call the pest service. Who came with a comprehensive round of poisonous fumes to combat the swarming effect when they took up residence. No way to tell how effective the deadly round of fumigation was to either the ants or the humans. I've not seen any live ones in recent weeks ,(and I'm still up and kicking!) so I am hoping the ants have either deceased or relocated.

But now that the weather is warming, I expect to see the spring crop of cockroaches that routinely attempt to set up housekeeping inside. A fact of life for inhabitants of the south, especially in places were there are lots of trees nearby. Periodically dropping leaves, creating mulch that is perfect nesting spot for all manner of insects, both the desirables and unwelcome. I put out little tabs of boric acid, that they must be eating, as all the ones I see inside have their feets up in the air. So yes, according to my personal research, boric acid works!

I found an assortment when I did the sweeping yesterday, probably the extent of my housekeeping for the next couple of months. I will have to sweep again after the traveling canine's appearance, but hope the bugs will die in such a discreet manner that their remains will not be noticeable to passers-by. I'd rather they did not move in, but if they do, hope they soon turn up in the obituaries.

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