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reading non-fiction...(The Theft of Memory)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
... a very interesting book, for someone who can relate to the very scare-y subject of dementia. But quite revealing about family interactions and relationships, and the struggles we will all eventually confront with the accumulation of years. "The Theft of Memory" by Jonathan Kozol, with a subtitle of something like: watching my dad fade away day by day.

I suspect that my years of randomly working in elementary grade classrooms has given me the opportunity to see some of his writings, as the cover blurb lead me to believe he has written a number of children's books. One with the title of 'Amazing Grace', that is possibly a story about an inner-city girl. He has taught in inner-city, low income schools in the lower grades, and has been involved in movements to improve education and help change the course of the lives of people struggling with myriad social issues associated with poverty.

This book was about his family and relationships with his parents. I can really identify, and probably could write a similar, heart wrenching tale.  I have a number of little composition books, full of daily musings, written in an effort to maintain sanity, over the weeks and months I spent with my mom after my dad's death. Maybe I should get them down off the closet shelf, after all these years? I have not re-read, just not ready to re-visit but think that after all this time - over ten years- I could, should, might, maybe be ready to remember that time in my life. Put it in some sort of relatively painless order and share.....

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