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Georgia Guidestones...

Monday, March 21, 2016
...have been sighted. I wrote about this most unusual structure in the past couple of months, having just discovered the existence of the granite monoliths back in January. Located on a hill top, in a pasture in east Georgia. Close to the South Carolina border, we found them just standing there out on the highest point on the area. Calmly, patiently, silent as stones, waiting for us to destroy civilization so the guide stones can direct us as to how to be better citizens in the next world.

The monuments are etched with a series of suggestions, plans about how the citizenry should not overpopulate the planet, the necessity to create a universal language, encouragement to respect each other, care for the environment, not tolerate foolish politicians or incompetent officials. Pretty much the Golden Rule, expanded and elaborated upon to make it ten 'guidelines' rather than just saying: just Love One Another.

Made of Elbert County granite, and paid for by anonymous investors who wanted to create a lasting monument that would offer advice for the ages. There is a plaque that gives some basic info. about the origin of the stones, ordered by a mystery man named R.C. Christian. Who was a spokesman for a group of financial backers, and claims to have chosen Elbert County because his great great grandmother was from the area.

We were compelled to go on into Elberton and inquire at the Chamber of Commerce. Where we talked to a very pleasant person sitting at a computer who gave us several copied pages of information, that was mostly specifics of the sizes and weights of the stones, along with the ten different languages etched on the stones. There are some astronomical tidbits as well, with a hole being bored in the central stone that will always give the viewer a glimpse of the North Star. The stones are set on the compass points and have some significance related to the solstice. For more details, you can plan your own road trip or just google from the boredom of your couch.

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