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Obviously...(March 12, 2014)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
...I am in need of a major attitude adjusting. 

I have mentioned more than once, how much I like my current department manager who lets  me go to church before clocking in to work on Sundays. He is, as I have said, agreeable and congenial - easy to work with. So I got up this morning and put on my working clothes, and went to church at 9:00 before I had to be on the job at 11:00.

And had a really productive day. Prepping freight: fresh flowers that needed cutting to put out on sales floor. Watering, grooming, fluffing plants and making a couple of arrangements for cash and carry sales. Then I went to work in produce prep area, making fresh fruit parfaits with yogurt and a few salads for the fresh bar. Cleaned up and got out of there about 6:00.

The thing is: I worked all day, and came home to a man who was sitting in the recliner all afternoon. And I put a meal together and put it on the table for him to eat. He did say 'Thank You'. But what kind of man is that who sits at home and waits for someone to come feed him?

He's been eating barbeque plates, a coworker had delivered to the store from her church, for supper the past two nights.  They cook and deliver for a building fund each year - and she sells dozens of carry out meals to co-workers who order chicken, fish or ribs.  I'd ordered weeks ago, and brought home, thankful that I did not have to think about 'what's for supper?' for two nights when he could pull cold ribs, baked beans and potato salad out of the fridge and eat out of a styro. tray.

I know: I should be thankful..  He's been right here, not out roaming around. Behaving himself. But it is so frustrating to go to work, buy the groceries, come home, and put it together. Stomping around the kitchen, mumbling and grumbling, banging pots down, bumping and thumping... while he sits.

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