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gruesome scene...

Saturday, March 26, 2016
...with a trail of blood leading from the vehicle into the house. Dripping across the concrete floor of the carport, after leaving a frightening puddle there by the car door...  a sticky stain of red trailing through the door and splotches on the tiles into the kitchen. What in the world is going on? Where is the bleed out? Who is the victim? How did this happen?

When I got in and put my bags down, looked back at where I had been: I was astounded. Then I realized the little jar of red maraschino cherry juice had leaked every where! You can imagine what a fright, then what aggravation, with a sugary, staining, sticky mess to clean up. So,  the tale has a happy ending: no weapons, or wounds, or bandages involved.

I was making a recipe at work that called for decorating the top of the bread pudding with cherries. So I drained the jar of cherries and saved the juice, thinking I could go home and mix it with Sprite and have myself a little non-alcoholic beverage. Pretending to be a grown-up, sipping on my exotic cocktail at the end of a tiring day...

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