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speedy trip to S. GA and back...

Thursday, March 3, 2016
... and if it had not been for sleeping a few hours would have been one of those where I devoted more time to going and coming than actually being there... funny story at the end...

I thought I should try to go to see the Auntie in Valdosta as it will be several weeks before there is space in my life to get back down there again. Plus I (you are not allowed to laugh at this) wanted to attend a meeting of a group of people in Q. who meet once a month. I'm trying to not be embarrassed about this, I really am a lover of history and devoted to the memory of my forebears, all those people who made me who I am. But kinda, sorta, maybe just a little awkward telling about membership with this group of people who are so interested in promoting historic hero worship. No, Not Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy.

They go back much farther into history than the War of Northern Aggression. These are the Daughters of the Revolution. They have devoted much time to research and geneology, tracing family roots back to pre-Constitution days, and discovering Colonial connections. I decided I need to make more effort to reconnect with these people and will try to get to more monthly meetings, be at least a little involved in their community service projects.

So I got up Tuesday morning, with plans to drive south, have lunch with the Auntie, go to the meeting mid afternoon, and spend the night in Valdosta. It all worked pretty much according to plan. Every time I go to Q., I try to bring back  more flotsam and jetsam to sort, most of which should just go directly to the thrift store donation box. But familial guilt causes me to peruse each item in the boxes, hoping to have the discipline to pass it on (after making a list for tax deductions). Hopefully there will be someone who will see all these oddities and think: 'Just The Thing I've Been Looking For!' when they show up on a table at the non-profit, marked 25 cents.

I had to be back home on Wed. to go to work. But before that: had to be at Fox school at 8:45 for my little volunteer tutoring job. I set my alarm to go off at 5:00, to put me back in town at 8:30. But then woke up at 4, thinking: if I get up and go now, I will have time to go do the weekly shopping at Sam's Club before time to be at Fox. And take the goods to church on my way to work... which all went according to plan.

Until I got to Sam's and realized I had piled my car so full of the flotsam and jetsam: boxes, framed pictures, small tables, wooden stool, I could not get the Sam's stuff stuffed in  my car! Ha, ha on me. So I only bought the things that had to be at church on Wed., to feed forty-odd youth dinner. And had to go back to Sam's today to get the other goods: like to large boxes of 12 oz. styro cups that completely filled up the back seat. Guess I out-smarted myself with that, huh?

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