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what happens when...

Thursday, March 3, 2016
...you go to bed too early, is that you wake up too early. Which makes me think: "I am becoming my mother?" But just the good parts, when she was funny, lively, hilarious, daresome, energetic, amusing, entertaining, charming, witty, enthusiastic, a delight to be with.

About my mom and getting up in the middle of the night: Not certain, but thinking it might have had something to do with caffeine consumption. She'd have been a great farmer: going to bed with the chickens, as soon as it got dark, and up in the morning to do the milking before first light. I know from personal experience that we (might) have problems with sleep patterns as we age. So not really certain what to attribute her behavior to in matters related to sufficient rest. She was so prone to wake up really early, that my dad put a timer on the coffee pot and set it to be ready for consumption long before the first signs of dawn. Which, of course, lead to a huge consumption of alertness drug in the hours prior to daylight, creating a buzz that could conceivably last for hours. I would not have been surprised to find her sitting in the kitchen, fully dressed, waiting for the coffee to be ready to drink, impatiently telling it to move along, speed things up, hurry and get done.

What I do know for sure is that getting up too early causes one to be weary far too soon in the course of the day. And possibly so exhausted by putting in dreadfully long hours at work that the comfort and respite of bed beckons much too early in the evening. And going to bed too early will, in turn, increase the likelihood of waking in the wee hours of the morning, wide-eyed, wishing the digital clock were less tedious in changing from minute to minute: 7 to 8, to 9, etc. I could have taken more drugs, inviting the possibility of several hours more sleep. But got up and dressed to go to work, and get it over with sooner.

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