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falling into a black hole...

Monday, September 18, 2017
...alternately known as "Just A Buck"store. They pop up everywhere like mushrooms after a rain, you get accustomed to having one on nearly every corner, like curb stores where you run in for snacks and drinks.They lure you in with bargain prices, plus being so conveniently located, no reason to not stop in every day.

I went today, with a list that had only three things on it. Having learned that if I intend to bring home more than two, I better write it down, and have the paper in my hand, or will not get what is needed. Sadly: the trip to the 'dolla' sto' ' caused me to spend fourteen bucks plus tax, and I did not get all three things. What is it about that place? Have we gotten to the point in our society that a dollar has the value of a random penny on the side walk? That odd bit of change seems to have so little worth, it just melts into the asphalt. Very few passersby will stop, stoop and retrieve.

The way we seem to be willing to part with our hard earned funds in the 'dolla' sto' ' makes all those George Washingtons seem to have as little value as the Lincoln coppers. Went in to get three things, and left with fourteen, only two of which were on the list. All those magnets, envelopes, bags of frozen strawberries for smoothies, boxes of baking powder just jumped into my shopping basket, and cried out to come home with me. I just narrowly escaped a harrowing experience, and barely pulled myself free in the instant before total destruction.

Safely returned from the Black Hole of "Just A Buck." Escaped by the narrowest of margins, just a hair's breadth from oblivion. Never, ever go in a 'dolla' sto' ' with a small child! That is just asking for trouble!

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