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all put together...

Saturday, September 23, 2017

...three bouquets with the calla lilies, and ready to go celebrate with happy couple, friends, family, hangers-on, passers-by. I called this morning to ask if they might have some little memento from the bride's grandmother that I could tie into the stems with the narrow blue ribbon I used for other trinkets. Two smaller bouquets of the same purple and white callas for the attendants to carry, and one calla to pin on the lapel of the groom.

The M.O.B reported she has a couple of sea shells that belonged to her mom, with a hole that might work to tie into the stems of the lilies. After lunch we went over to get the shell, and it is added to the bouquet the bride will carry. Along with lace that wraps the stems that was taken from her great grandmother's dress,  bit of lace my great grandmother made, a pin of my mom's and a little surprise I found in my jewelry box. All tokens of love and affection by so many women in her life who have cared for, encouraged, supported her over the years since her birth. Looking forward to joining other invitees to shower the newly weds with good wishes for a happy rest-of-your-life.

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